Monday, January 30, 2012

We Did It!! Check Out Wyatt's Play Kitchen!

a couple of weeks ago, my dear friend cathy, who has the crafty blog "exploring my creative side," "pinned" a picture on "pinterest" of a play kitchen that someone had created out of an old entertainment center.   pretty much the same old empty entertainment center that we have had for 17+ years, that was sitting in ethan's room collecting "junk" and DUST!   i knew immediately that i had to create a play kitchen for wyatt!   he loved playing with his girlfriend brennan's at Christmas, and i knew that this would be a fun project! 
this is what we started with! 
we were so proud of it all those years
ago when "country" was in!

as soon as i showed tim the pictures of the various play kitchens, he was IN!  i could hardly wait to get started!   even my dad helped out by cutting out the hole for the sink. tim was in orlando last week and made a FLYING trip as i talked him through IKEA to get the
knobs, "faucet," and handles for us! 
my daddy cut the hole for the sink, and tim and i primed the unit
and the painting begins!  we wanted to make the end
magnetic..... that magnetic primer was a HUGE FAIL for us!
oh well...... i'm taking it back to the "orange" store!
look at that RED!  (leftover from our dining room and kitchen!)
it only took 2 coats over the grey primer!
tim drilled holes and installed knobs and handles!
he's got a little helper here!
wow!  it's very cool!
all done!  stainless mixing bowl is the "sink." 
a garage hookfrom IKEA is the "faucet." 
silicon coasters from IKEA are the"burners."  
drawer knobs and handles are from IKEA too! 
tim painted the doors (the oven and the fridge) metallic for
the "stainless" effect!   we still need to install a shelf and
add all the fun details.... but it's almost completely finished!

what's in here?

PRETTY COOL, HUH???    tim and i had a lot of fun repurposing the entertainment center into this cool kitchen that wyatt and his friends will play with for years to come!   still have a few details to finish up, but we're pretty proud of all that we got done this past weekend!  


  1. It looks great! You all did a fantastic job!

  2. I love it and let me just say that your look marvelous painting!

  3. WOW! you have inspired me... and I LOVE IKEA... now to just find an entertainment center like that one...

  4. Penny, that is AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE that you've shared that here - fantastic!!!!!

  5. Awesome!! And I'll say it again...I'm jealous! :)

  6. Since you used so many Ikea things, I think you should share it on Ikea Hacks! :) Love it, and I just got rid of one of these....shucks, then came pinterest!

  7. That is so cute,you guys did a great job with it!!

  8. Love it! That is awesome!!! Great job!!!

  9. We have ours halfway done! I cant believe we're working on similar ideas. I might contact you about the part number for the sink or shop the blue store.(we dont shop at the orange store. EVER. its the blue one for us.)I used a different IKEA pan for the sink. A rectangular roasting pan. And we bought an ikea bookshelf to be the base.(our entertainment center is LONG gone) I might buy Paul a tool for his BD today to cut the hole for the sink as he doesnt own the one he needs. ;) wink.