Monday, January 30, 2012

A Great Day for a Mid-Year IFSP Meeting!

you can see that wyatt is very concerned!
shanina, wyatt's family service coordinator!
most of the team!
friday was wyatt's ifsp mid year meeting.   it's something that i could just do over the phone with his social worker, but i prefer to get the entire team together, if i can, so that everyone can talk and share what they are doing with wyatt!  since noon was the best time for everyone i decided to have a light lunch for them!   they all said that i didn't need to do that, but they are such a blessing to us that i was glad to do it!   we had a great time visiting, eating, and talking about our precious wyatt!
watching wyatt play with vicki's shoes!
wyatt playing with taylor's boots!
 it was a great meeting!  it was NOT the meeting where they give wyatt's developmental age (YAY)!   during this meeting everyone talked about all the great progress that wyatt has made in the last 6 months!   each therapist also talked about their goals for wyatt for the next 6 months.  they were also able to talk to each other about how they can support each other's therapies and goals for wyatt.  and THAT's why i like for them to all meet together if at all possible!   the TEAM approach is so much better than everyone going about their own therapies.....  

taylor is one of wyatt's favorite people!
as we wind down the last few months that wyatt has early intervention, i wanted to make sure that we are doing everything that we can for him!  i so dread the day we transition out of this wonderful program!   it has been such a blessing to us; i have learned so much through this terrific group of professionals who are like family to us.  


  1. I am SO HAPPY that it went well! It looks like Wyatt was having a great time with the shoes and he looks smashing in his BAHA.

  2. thats one of the things thats the hardest for me, that we didnt get Lil G until she was too old for these services. I wish there was a way to have a "do over" for adopting families/ children.