Thursday, January 19, 2012

Therapy and Donuts!

wyatt really ROCKED his therapies today!   both joanna and stacy were so pleased with his attentiveness and focus in each of there sessions today!   joanna kept him in his room and did all his physical therapy there while i got ready for the day, which was a huge blessing!   have i mentioned lately that we have THE BEST therapists???  

stacy is holding off on his therapeutic listening right now because he seems to have a little congestion, and so we did lots of ball pit work, fine motor manipulatives, and even some listening exercises!   stacy never ceases to amaze me; she is ALWAYS thinking of ways to incorporate speech, pt, and developmental therapies into everything she does as an occupational therapist!   she keeps me and wyatt on our toes!  

so towards the end of occupational therapy, wyatt went over to the little table and chairs and kept trying to sit in one of the chairs.  he was just a wee bit short to manage it by himself, so i asked him if he needed any help, and he signed help.   when he got himself situated at the table, he signed "ice cream."  now why he thought he was going to get ice cream at OT, i have no idea!   but stacy and i looked at each other, realizing that he wanted to eat.  so we asked him, "do you want to eat?" and he signed eat.   unfortunately, i had nothing to feed him, so stacy went searching for food.  she came back and said all she could find was donuts....  i told her if he was going to go to all that trouble to get up to the table to eat, then we needed to feed him something!   and so she brought him half a chocolate glazed donut, and although he was a little unsure of it at first, he eventually decided it was yummy and finished it off!  i was so proud of my big boy!    at home he normally asks for yogurt and goes to the fridge to get it, but today at therapy was completely different!   yay for wyatt!  

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