Monday, February 1, 2010

I Wasn't Expecting This....Me, Wash Clothes?

well, today started with some unexpected news. i have to get a washer and dryer. i haven't had a washer and dryer in 16 years. background: my dad is a dry cleaner, and has always taken care of all our "clothes cleaning needs" when we lived in the same town. i know, it's hard to imagine, but i haven't had to wash/dry/fold clothes since ethan was a baby 16 years ago. with the current economy, it's time for us to take on this expense (and chore) for ourselves. i'm going kicking and screaming, i might add....not really, but there were a few tears, to be honest with you. so, i'm now shopping for a washer and dryer.....any suggestions? i know there are many of you who have envied that luxury i've enjoyed all these years, well the party's over for i get to whine with the rest of the world about laundry whoas!


  1. Good for you (the blog, not the washing the clothes :-) I have a Kenmore...very economical. I have gone through so many, that I try to get the cheapest for the largest size that will fit in my spot...

  2. Can I laugh?
    I am glad you are blogging!
    I am sorry that the era of free laundry is ending!
    I love my kenmore front loader...what did you decide to get?