Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of My Favorite Days....

ladies Bible study day, one of my favorite days of the month! i have led ladies Bible studies for 16+ years, and ladies are some of my favorite people! it's such a joy to be able to "share life" with these women who love God with their whole hearts and who are seeking to honor Him above all else in their lives. i am so blessed to have the privilege to laugh, cry and pray with these women as we open ourselves up to each other, allowing God to minister to and through us! His Word guides and directs our lives. today we were learning about the wilderness seasons that we all must go through....maybe not the same wilderness, but wilderness nonetheless. just as the israelites were led through the wilderness under God's direction and protection; we too must look to Him for guidance and direction daily.....are you in the wilderness now?

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  1. Penny, love your post. I as well so enjoy our Bible Study - I am surrounded by older ladies who have been through those wilderness moments and have so much to share, advise..

    I love the look you have created here - awesome!

    Hope you are all doing well.