Friday, February 19, 2010


this week we visited the ent with wyatt and she believes he will benefit from bone conductive hearing aids due to an estimated 30-40% conductive hearing loss. we really did not think that his hearing was that bad, he babbles like crazy, responds to us, etc. anyway, i just wanted to scream "WHY?" why isn't it enough that wyatt has down syndrome? isn't that enough for him to have to deal with? why does he have 2 holes in his heart that must be repaired with open heart surgery? why are his ear canals soooooo tiny that they can't place tubes yet and he needs hearing aids? WHY????? i'm so glad that my God, the Creator of the Universe, doesn't mind me asking questions, all these "why's". He's big and great enough to handle my little questions......and i know that He has a plan, that's "why!" and His plans are so much greater than mine, even though i can't see what they are! i'm so glad that i can trust that He's in control, and He wants great things for me and my peeps!

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  1. Hang in there dear friend. It seems like a never ending question but the end will come.. And all the things you are going through right now will give Wyatt a step up in everything. It is hard and overwhelming but you are right, God is in control and watching over Wyatt every step of the way. Let Him guide you - you and your peeps are surrounded in prayer.