Friday, April 8, 2011

Alexander's Journey Home....

i have met the nicest people on facebook.  seriously.  people i even call in real life, now.  people i would never have met if wyatt did not have Down syndrome!  

one of those special people is christie taylor.   she and her husband , shawn, are on a roller coaster of a ride to adopt a precious reece's rainbow orphan, alexander...pictured here, and in their button in the sidebar!  
isn't he adorable?  he will be blessed with 3 brothers when he gets home to his forever family in indiana!   i say their adoption process has been a bit of a roller coaster because they have had to "stay the course" through different issues;  passport problems, adoption agency problems, housing situations, etc., but they are staying the course, and following God's direction for their lives to adopt this precious boy!   

alexander found them about 2 1/2 months ago, and they immediately started the international adoption process.   they have recently contracted with a second adoption agency to proceed as quickly as possible with all the details involved!  alexander is almost 6 years old and has already been transferred to an institution.  christie and shawn are desperate to get to him and bring him home!    

please pray for alexander's safety until his mama and daddy can get to him!  pray that he is healthy and being loved and nurtured by his caregivers.   pray that the rest of their adoption process will be uneventful, that they will be approved in every area, and that they can raise the remainder of the funds that they need to bring him home!   they are currently having a fundraiser giveaway for an ipad2, click here to visit their blog, follow their story, and see how you can give financially to help them!  and you might win an ipad2 as well!

i am blessed to be one of christie's prayer warriors throughout this journey, and ask that you pray with me for this precious family as well!      peace......

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