Monday, April 11, 2011

Brotherly Love....

i just uploaded the most recent pictures from our camera, and came across this one, taken at forrest's academic awards ceremony recently:
forrest is such a proud big brother to wyatt!   he always wants to show his friends whatever wyatt has learned lately, he just adores him!    the other night at dinner, we were talking about ethan leaving for college in the fall (UGH), and forrest said "i'm living at home when i go to college!  wyatt will need me!"   we were pretty proud to hear forrest say that, not that we want him to feel like he must do that, but because at 10, that's what he wants to do!  

which reminds me that we must make decisions about wyatt's future.   that's right, we don't have a will, and we've never chosen guardians for our kids, just in case.   it's such a hard thing to do!   some people are blessed to have family members who immediately "claim" the privilege of being their kid's guardians.   others have close friends who would assume that role.   of course, we hope that wyatt will be able to live somewhat independently, if that is his desire, but we have no idea what his future holds for sure.  but i'm so thankful that we know WHO holds his future!   much to think and pray about......

on a lighter not......wyatt chasing a ball under his music play table..... 
first, i thought he was stuck.....

then i realized he had a goal.....
get the ball!

the joy of success!!!!!


  1. What an amazing and intuitive big brother Forrest is!! We don't have a will or a guardian for Samantha, either. And she doesn't have any siblings, so we're particularly nervous. And again, I do hope she'll be able to live independently and marry into a large family. LOL :-)

  2. I still haven't done the will, trust, guardian thing for Claire either. I know we need to, but it's a big decision to have someone be a guardian and while I have my choices, they need to think and pray about it too.

  3. Aww!! Forrest is so sweet, and Wyatt chasing his ball.... love that!