Thursday, April 21, 2011

IndyE....Where Did My Little Boy Go???

 ethan turns 18 in a little over an hour!   where has the time gone?  he can now vote and register for the selective service.  in about 4 months he plans to leave for college!   wow!   i didn't see that one coming!  i thought we had at least another year with him here while he attended our local community college.  we made the "mistake" of attending an open house at the university of west florida, and that all changed!  he decided he was ready to go straight out of high school!   he has almost 40 college credits out of the way, which is awesome, so he will enter as a sophomore.   

at the alamo!
 is he ready?  only God knows.  do we trust him?  completely.  he has been such an awesome kid and teenager!   will i miss him?   more than you can imagine.    as an only child for the first 8 years of his life, he has always been more like a little adult; very mature for his age.  he has definitely always been older than his years, an "old soul!"   maybe that's why he plans to study "old" things!   he plans to pursue a degree in anthropology/archaeology!   and then travel the world on "digs" !     which is one of the reasons he has not 1 but 2 foreign languages fulfilled!  he studied latin (very beneficial) and italian (because he wants to go to italy!).  

my 3 sons!

selfishly i will miss him being here to help me in so many ways; driving, running errands, keeping the kids, etc.  but above all else, i will just miss hanging out with him.   we "grew" up many parents say of their first child!   and i know that his brothers will miss him so much!  but i'm also excited for him....for what lies ahead!   i'm so proud of the young man that he has become, and i can't wait to see the opportunities that he will have, and the relationships he will build as he pursues God's will for his life!   i know that God has great plans for this young man, and i am so blessed that HE allowed me to be ethan's mama......


  1. I'm sure God is proud of YOU too! Ethan is a great kid because of your influence in his life and because God chose YOU to be his Mom! I get teary eyed just thinking of our day coming with Jagger. You've captured this moment beautifully in your blog! Happy Birthday Ethan! Hang in there Mama! This is a brand new chapter! ;o)

  2. Wow! It sounds like you and Tim have been excellent parents! That is so cool that he has already gotten his freshman year out of the way. He does sound like an amazing young man. I would miss my chick too, but he sounds ready to go. Good job, mama!