Friday, April 15, 2011

Talking, Eating, and Laughing in Louisiana!

I miss my family! And i know that they miss...Wyatt! They probably miss me a little too! Wyatt and I are in bossier city, louisiana visiting one of my best friends in the world, Shirley! I've gotten to meet some of shirley's best friends here, it's been a lot of fun! Shirley and her family are now retired military, and moved to Louisiana about 2 1/2 years ago. We miss each other a lot! She has been to visit us a few times, and came to help me after wyatt was born and after his open heart surgery. We have not seen her since that trip, which was a little over a year ago! She has enjoyed Wyatt so much!

All we have done is eat and talk, and eat and talk, and LAUGH! Shirley has talked and laughed so much that her braces have rubbed her mouth raw... We have really enjoyed our time together! We have enjoyed some good food, too! (I love food, in case you didn't know that!) We've eaten papa murphy's take and bake mediterranean delite grilled chicken pizza, good eats chicken salad, pasta down on the boardwalk, puffy crispy tacos from superior grill, cupcakes from buttercups, frozen yogurt from fruiti YoGo, and it has ALL BEEN AMAZING! Delicious! I just hope that I fit in my airplane seat tomorrow!

Wyatt has had a lot of fun too, I'll post pics when we get back home! One thing that I mentioned to Shirley is that although I have noticed people looking at Wyatt, like folks normally do, everyone has been so kind and gracious! They have gone out of their way to speak and wave at him. He has been a blessing to those he has encountered, and we have been blessed as well! Peace....

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