Monday, April 4, 2011

Am I A Jonah? Are You A Jonah? you know him?  have you heard about him?    well i have.  A LOT LATELY!!!!   i have been leading a Bible study on jonah,  jonah:  a life interrupted, written by priscilla shirer.   our ladies Bible study began in january, and we've been meeting twice monthly as we've worked our way through the study.  it's a great study, by the way!   

then i was asked to speak to a ladies class at their quarterly lunch about my "interrupted life....."  basically our life since God chose to bless us with wyatt!   and what a blessing he is.   i shared a little about jonah with those ladies, and how the "interrupted life" is often actually a "divine intervention", which is the thrust of the jonah study.  

this past weekend i was blessed by our ladies Bible study group with a ticket to the priscilla shirer conference, going beyond, which was held locally.   there were over 1600 women there, worshipping and studying God's Word together!   well, guess what priscilla talked about?   yep, jonah!   in addition to the jonah lessons, she also shared steps to practically and methodically study God's Word on your own.  it was a great lesson as well!     

at worship yesterday, would you believe that our pastor preached on....JONAH??????    okay, God, are you trying to tell me something?   i thought that i had already dealt with my obstinance concerning His gift of wyatt.  granted, i was not excited about having a baby at 43, but i finally got used to the idea.   and yes, it took a while to realize what a blessing wyatt and his Down syndrome is to our family, but i got it!   so what now?  is God trying to show me a new direction for my life that i have been avoiding?   a different ministry, or new focus of ministry from the direction He was leading before?  

there's a lot to learn from jonah's response (running away) to God's directions for his life.  much to be learned from that tiny book that can easily be overlooked!   and lots for me to think and pray about.....

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