Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Lucy!!!!!

as we celebrate the 4th of july this year, a little girl half way around the world has gained a freedom that she never knew she was missing!   little lucy marie sader (melanie in my sidebar) was granted her adoption to rob and deanna sader today in a court in the ukraine!    we are praising God for this answer to our prayers!   her parents, who she only met a little over a week ago, have been on the journey to adopt her for the past 10 months, and are so excited that the judge said "YES!" today! 
"kind of loud, mama!"
their adoption and the other adoptions that i have followed and supported reminds me of how blessed we are in the united states.  especially on this day that we celebrate our freedoms, freedoms that we often take for granted!   i am particularly thankful that our wyatt was born in a country that accepts him, where we can give him every advantage.   there are so many little ones born in other countries who are not accepted because of their disability.  and that is heartbreaking.....

so how did we celebrat the 4th today?  we attended our local parade and then enjoyed a steak dinner at home as a family!  a relaxing, low-key day.....
forrest and caleb
"those sirens are too loud!"

"hi kate!"
"finally, some music!"

me and my dad!

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  1. That's right Penny--saying YES YES YES to freedom! I got goosebumps and tears when I read about our little Lucy-lou :)

    Thank you for posting a ton of pics in this post. Wyatt withdrawal and good to see you and the rest of the family.