Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Sleepover in Southern Louisiana....Almost Wordless Wednesday!

fast friends.....
we're back to the real world of home....yesterday we had to leave louisiana to come home....too bad!  as i reflect on the time that we spent with the walthers, i know exactly why it was so "magical".....cassie and i "GET IT" with each other! we didn't have to explain our feelings, our fears, our joys......we just got it! as parents of children who have Ds, we understood each other! it was such a comfortable visit... and to think that prior to this weekend, we have spent a total of maybe 3 hours together...EVER!!!! when we first met, we were instantly bonded! it was just a natural, easy friendship. and it was that way this weekend as well..... it was so nice to be able to stay up late talking about life, and to spend easy days together visiting, watching the kids play, cooking, eating..... and touring the great city of new orleans!

about as close as brennan would let wyatt get!
cute little sea lion and starfish!

aquarium of the americas....

enjoying the fish!

the saint louis cathedral....

hanging out at cafe du monde for beignets....

big sister logan and big brother forrest....

wyatt with ms. cassie.....
 if you ever have the opportunity to have a "sleepover" with a fellow "holland mama".....DO IT!!!!


  1. I loved seeing the photos, you went to New Orleans? where is Cafe du monde place? Owww beignets is so delicious, it seems funnel cakes!! miss Cassie and the girls !! glad to see you had a great time

  2. OK...I'll be right down!!

    I have a beignet mix from Cafe du monde that the boys got for us last summer when they were in New Orleans for a church youth gathering. I need to break that out and make some.

  3. Great post. Still jealous! Looks like you all had a great time. I love easy relationships like that. Cassie, and Brennan are two more of my favorite girls!

  4. That extra chromosome does seem to really bond us mamas, doesn't it? Glad you had such a great visit!