Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Playdate in Southern Louisiana....

the whole gang!
sorry this is so late in coming.....don't know where the time has gone!   while i was in southern louisiana, cassie arranged a playdate for other families who share that "little something extra".... in 5 short day, she pulled together a fun day that three other families were able to join us for!   we had a blast!  the first family arrived about 11 am, and the last family left about 9 pm!  what a fun, full day we had!  needless to say there was NO NAPTIME for wyatt!  

brennan entertaining with her ukelele!

typical wyatt...reading a book!

"what is that?  it's so pretty!"
did i mention that we ate?

wyatt and john hanging out!

this is emma....wyatt's birthday buddy!  born the same day...july 6, 2009!
and her mama too....angie!
william telling wyatt...."i think we can make it!"

us guys gotta hang together!

forrest is a kid magnet!    don't you love william's hair...
complements of the girls!
 this was such a fun, relaxed day!    what a blessing to be able to meet so many new friends!   thanks again cassie, april, angie, and april for such a fun day together! 


  1. It was so nice to meet you and the boys, Penny! I wish we could have stayed longer.... What a great day!! Let us know if you're ever planning another trip back... we have to get the birthday buddies togeter again!

  2. Penny!!!!! I love the picture of you and Wyatt (and Emma with Angie). What a fabulous, never-ending playdate. It sounds like it was a lovely time and that Cassie is quite the event coordinator. Cassie, if you are reading this, please come on over to Austin!