Friday, July 1, 2011

Say "YES" to the Fireworks!

i'm we're getting better at saying "yes" in our old age!   what is this, twice in one month?   around here (panama city, florida...if you didn't know!) there are fireworks just about every night surrounding the 4th of july celebration!   my friend reminded me that our navy base would be kicking off the fireworks season last night, so i asked forrest if he wanted to go.  now forrest has never been a big fireworks fan....the loud booms and all bothered him, and i really expected him to say "no"!  i was wrong!   he said "yes!"  UGH!!!!   it had been a L O N G day around here, and i really didn't want to drag wyatt out to watch fireworks!  

so after karate and supper, i we were hopeful that forrest would just want to stay such luck!   so we headed out about 8:15 and stopped by to pick up a little chick fil a ice dream (YUMMY) to help us tolerate the heat! 

i'm so glad we said "YES!"  

as we crested the embankment to go pick our spot to watch the fireworks from, we saw kids running all over with glo sticks glowing in the dark....and a cute young boy ran right up to forrest and offered him his choice of colors from the fistful of glowsticks he held!   he even gave wyatt one as well..... what joy he exuded as he shared his treasures with others!   what a blessing he was to us!

we picked our spot and spread out our blanket, and within 5 minutes the show had started!   there was a wonderful breeze coming off the bay, and sounds of happy chatter, laughter and "oohs" and "aahs" filled the night air!   as we sat in the shadow of the hathaway bridge, with the scents of the salt water and the sulphur permeating the air, we had such a great night enjoying the fireworks (even wyatt enjoyed them!), and i was reminded that it's OKAY to say "YES!" more often...these days of forrest wanting to see the fireworks with us will be gone FAR TOO SOON.....peace!   


  1. What is this "old age" nonsense? You are NOT old. When you hit 96, then we will talk. Isn't saying "yes" fun ? Great photos of the fireworks :)

  2. penny to answer your ? I would love to send you a flat stanley...i will get him out on Tuesday...I sent the others out this week but it doesnt matter. Send me your address

    my email is (I may need your email too) I don't do fb anymore however I do get the messages sent to my phone as they come I just can't respond

  3. Aww! Forrest is a boy after my own heart. I have never liked loud booms. EVER~! I would much rather watch from a distance. But even last year we went and watched them close up. I put cotton in my ears. :) This year I am taking ear plugs. :) But I like that you said yes, and you are right, this time will go too fast. :( You are a good mama!