Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Confessions of an Impatient MAMA!

today will be my "sad" birthday post.  tomorrow will be my joyfilled post, on wyatt's actual birthday!

 i wish wyatt was walking. 

we've thought that he would walk for the past 6-9 months...

he walks holding our hands;
he walks with the "moonwalker" harness with no problems;
he walks holding onto the parallel bars at the pt office;
he walks in the pt office walker;
AND he can take 3-4 steps unassisted when he wants to!!!! 


it makes me sad to see all the other children who are now up to a year younger than him walking.  i KNOW that i should not compare him to others.   i KNOW that this is "normal" for kids with Down syndrome. i KNOW lots of facts, but that does not make it any easier for ME!!!!    ethan walked at 9 months, forrest walked a little later.....i never would have imagined that wyatt would not be walking by now.    his legs are STRONG.   he COULD walk if he wanted to.   but he does not have the confidence to do it, apparently.   sure, he's a big boy.....i know that makes a difference; a big difference.....

and i wish that he was talking more.  what is he thinking?   oh i know that he is making great progress in his communication, and he's signing more and more too!   he's getting better at letting his wants and desires be known....sometimes a little too forcefully when he pitches a fit.....ha ha!   but it's just so hard to wait.....

it's so hard for this impatient, prideful, competitive person to wait for these things to happen.  yes, i know they will happen....as i've said before, in wyatt's time.....


  1. OH I am so sad that you are so sad about this. Funny thing is that I ALMOST asked you about this very topic today when we talked and something told me not to. :( I am glad that you are seeing it for what it is and knowing that it will happen not only in Wyatt's time but also Gods time. Love you, hang in there.

  2. You KNOW I understand, dear friend. And I too thought Wyatt would be walking by now. You're right... he's strong. It won't be long. Thanks for sharing your feelings, Penny. And I look forward to the fun birthday post tomorrow. :-)

  3. (this font makes my smiley face at the end of my comment look rather creepy)

  4. Penny, It is so normal to feel the feelings you have. I find myself at times wondering when things will happen for Katie too. I know that the Lord will provide those things to Wyatt in his time. Sometimes it is so hard to sit and wait in the silence, but the rewards are so worth it! Hugs and love to you!

  5. I agree Jennie great font, easy to see and pretty but the smiley is kind of freakin' me out, haha(notice I didnt do a smiley)

    It will happen I know I feel impatient too about things William does not do yet but they will happen and we will rejoice when they do

    {{Hugs}} my friend

  6. Penny, I could have written your post almost word for word when Evan turned two. If the "comparing game" was an Olympic sport, I would win the gold medal.
    Wyatt will get there just as soon as he is ready.