Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sleepover in Southern Louisiana.....

i'm blogging from the southern louisiana kitchen of my dear friend cassie, surrounded by her family pictures....she's quite the photo-bug.....and one of those pictures is of my sweet wyatt kissing her sweet brennan.....remember this one?    so precious!   

unfortunately, the honeymoon is over.....wyatt would now rather "smack" brennan than "smooch" her..... he gets so very excited to see her that he has a hard time controlling his hands....he wants to touch her, and ends up swatting her.  she is not impressed.....and she can RUN away!!!!   

anyway, these two are the "friends connected by an extra 21st chromosome!"   without that extra chromosome, it is unlikely that our families would ever have met!   cassie and i connected through babycenter and facebook, and became fast online friends.  it was an added bonus when we realized that she lives in the same town as my cousin who we normally visit and stay with as we travel back and forth to see tim's family in texas!   we met last summer, about this time actually, and that's when this "love connection" was forged between wyatt and brennan!  we saw each other again during the Christmas holidays, and have stayed in touch.

wyatt's first tea party......
last weekend as i was planning our trip to ethan's orientation at the university of west florida, i had a wild and crazy thought about driving on over to visit cassie and their family.  it was only 3 hours from pensacola, and i knew that the younger boys and i could do that.   so i passed the idea by tim, got his stamp of approval, and contacted cassie to see if it was "do-able" on her was!!!   she immediately said "yes," and here we are!   having a blast!  
can't wait to share more.....too tired tonight!   maybe a few pics will hold you over!  
brennan visiting with wyatt during bathtime!

"now wyatt, scrub good!"

beautiful brennan!


  1. Aww! They are so adorable, and that is funny about Wyatt swatting at Brennan.So beastie! :) Sounds like you guys have had a great time. Lucky ducks!

  2. How fun! I love visiting our chromosomally enhanced friends too! Brennan is beautiful!