Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always More To Do....

do you ever feel like you don't do enough?  or is it just me?  i always feel like there is something else that needs to be done.....whether it's in the house, at church, or with the family......

especially with wyatt. there's always something else to do!  i was with a friend today whose child with Ds is 4 months younger than wyatt, and she's always on top of things.....i feel like she does so much more than i do!  i feel kind of like a lazy bum when i talk to her..... but i learn a lot from her as well!  she always has good ideas that i can use with wyatt!   i love her and i love her enthusiasm, her dedication and the time she spends therapeutically playing with him!   she's wonderful!    and a terrific example and friend to me.  

so what do i need to do with wyatt....well, after our developmental therapy today, i have this list to work on:   exclamatory phrases (uh-oh, wow!); saying "no" meaningfully; naming 1-2 familiar objects; pointing to communicate; giving a toy spontaneously or on request "give me..."; and "t" and "n" words.....   of course, that's just the developmental therapy list!   we're still working on WALKING for physical therapy.  we're working on EATING and DRINKING, placing objects in containers, opening and closing things, all the "using hands" stuff in occupational therapy.  and then there's TALKING in speech therapy!   you would think that he would have this one down by now, with me for his example of talking!  

our developmentalist was very encouraging today, though.  as she went through her list of achievements, she was happy to mark off many of them!   don't you just love marking things off of lists?  i know i do!   it was a fun day.   we've been having that therapy at my mom's house on fridays, when i'm over there cleaning, but our therapist's schedule changed and we were at home today.  he does more here among his own toys!  so it was a great therapy!   she's very happy with his progress and i enjoy our time together as she plays with wyatt and teaches me so much!  

we are so blessed with the guidance, teaching, encouragement and friendships that we have through our therapists!   we have an awesome team who loves wyatt and wants only the best for him!


  1. Penny, someone once told me some really good advise. They reminded me that you will never be caught up, so why worry about it! If you spend time worrying about trying to get caught up and keep up with the "jone's" then you will be so consumed at trying to be like them that you will not enjoy what you have. As a full time working mom I am always trying to catch up and it was a hard lesson for me to learn.

  2. Oh, I totally feel that way Penny. I always feel like something else needs to be done. I make lists to make myself feel better, but really there just is never enough time or energy. I love marking off my list though - even if it's "fold laundry" something small compared to bigger things, but still makes me feel better. I am happy for Wyatt's progress. Jack is doing well too and it's nice to have wonderful therapists to teach us so much. Know that you are def not alone feeling the way you do - we are all there! Take care!!