Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help Bring Melanie Home!

i'm sure that many of you remember beautiful melanie, who my friends rob and deanna (and ragen) sader are in the process of adopting!   

Beautiful Melanie...patiently waiting for her forever family!

their family has made some tremendous progress in their fundraising efforts to be able to bring melanie home!  they are actually within about $7,000 of an estimated $26,000 goal!   i praise God with them for His provision through so many different people!  they were even blessed around new year's eve with an anonymous $5,000 donation!  wow!  

several of us facebook and in real life friends are currently holding an online fundraiser for their family.....please check it out over at my friend cathy's blog, a walk in lily's garden.   we have currently raised about $700, and the fundraiser ends this saturday, january 22nd!   we have each donated a variety of things, from a handmade afghan, to jewelry, and the list goes on....   for every $1 you donate to the sader's adoption fund, you "cast" one chance for the item that you choose..... it's all explained much better over there!   but please, go check it out and help this precious family fulfill their dream of bringing melanie home soon! 

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