Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow! Look at What Wyatt's Doing!

today was a great therapy day!  wyatt had not seen his speech therapist, kenalyn, since before Christmas, and she was AMAZED at his progress!   he did so much today..... he identified at least 5 body parts....eye, ear, nose, mouth and feet.... he made a good (recognizable) attempt at "glasses", he said dog, duck, ball, elmo, and i know there are more he said, i just can't think of them right now!    he helped me do the motions (him leading) to "wheels on the bus" !  he spent a lot of time "reading" with kenalyn, as well as alone, while we talked.  it was a great speech day!   it's nice that she could see the huge strides that he has made since she last saw him! 

after a quick break, his developmentalist, vicki, arrived for his therapy with her.   she heard lots of good words, some while using his picture cards.   she worked on sorting with him, and was VERY HAPPY with the sorting that he accomplished, when given 2 different objects to sort (ducks and rings).   he also did some great puzzle work and some fun object permanence work...which led into a little bit of "peek-a-boo!"  that he initiated!   we worked on a little bit of signing, as well as handing objects on request....which he did several times!   as she said, "he was really 'on' today!", he was so responsive and attentive!   

both therapists remarked on how focussed he stayed throughout their sessions!   i just didn't realize what a big deal that was.  often he really likes to play with one thing for quite some time!  especially his fisher price laugh and learn learning puppy, as well as his books and balls!   praising God for awesome progress and the encouragement that we received today!    it's just what i needed!   peace......


  1. Go, Wyatt! That is awesome! I love therapy days like that!

  2. Yay Wyatt!!!!! Love, love, love those good reports!

  3. AWESOME!!!! Love those days-savor it!