Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two Amazing Women.....

God is so good!   i continue to be amazed at how one woman who is led by God to raise money for others can make such a tremendous impact!   this happens over and over in our Down syndrome community!   i wanted to relay two such stories today....

i posted several weeks ago about my friend patti who has raised money for not one, but two reece's rainbow kids who need forever families!  patti, whose blog is a perfect lily, has raised over $12,000 for olga's grant fund, and over $3,000 for kareen's grant fund!   one ordinary woman, who was burdened by God for these children who need forever families, who did what she could!    and now she is waiting and praying for God to bring their forever families to get them!

my friend deanna, whose blog is the 21st chromosome...a blessing in disguise , has been burdened for a fellow Ds momma whose son is very ill.  rabia and her family live in morocco, where to receive medical care you need to pay with cash.  she does not have the cash needed for her son, saad, to receive the medical care he needs right now to treat his pneumonia.  deanna has selflessly been raising money in our online Ds community to help with his medical expenses.  in less than 48 hours, she has raised over $1,000!   and her goal was $500!  as deanna told me this morning, "She (rabia) never asked for help, but I could read between the lines and didn't hesitate. God just works in me like that. I don't think twice. I really love and appreciate the relationship I have with Him, and He knows that I will move and not sit on and idea. Some people call me impulsive, I just say, I'm a doer! At least I like to think I am. And when you "do", God can do His thing! And what He did yesterday by over doubling the money for Rabia, doesn't surprise me. I hope that others that "sit on the fence" with their faith, will see what happened (and has happened to me) and inspires them to believe, live and act too!"  deanna did what she could to help this family.....while in the process of raising money for the adoption of her own precious melanie from the ukraine!    she didn't hesitate to put aside her need to raise money for their own adoption, in order to help this family!

i know that God is so pleased with these two EXTRAODRINARY women and their obedience to Him!   and there are so many others who are just like them!   may i be more like them.....may i act in immediate obedience when God leads....even when it doesn't make "sense" to me!  

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