Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Don't Worry About Tomorrow...."

tonight i was able to attend the "prayer and share group for parents of children with special needs" meeting.  this group was started by the leaders of a special needs ministry of a local church.   they are a precious couple who i've come to love and admire in a very short time!  their son has cerebral palsy, and he is 27 years old, living independently with in-home support.  

tonight we had a small group, about 14 parents....whose children have varying disabilities; Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy with developmental delays, and autism.  these folks are a great group of Christians, for the most part, who love their children dearly and are looking for support and encouragement!   i'm thankful for the heart of this couple who started the group.  they are amazing!

as much as i love being around people....i'm a people person....i sometimes leave there feeling a little discouraged and overwhelmed.   it's still hard for me to see those older teens/young adults who are so developmentally delayed, so lacking in social and communication needy.   there, i said it.    i just cannot picture our precious wyatt like these young people.  right or denial or not....that's the way i'm feeling right now...tonight!   but i must remind myself that i need only focus on today....not tomorrow or 18 years from God's Word tells me...."Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Mark 6:34)

but i am encouraged by the love and devotion these parents have for their children.   their commitment to doing the best for their children is amazing!   for the most part, they each firmly believe that God had a plan in blessing them with a child with special needs.....praise God!   i'm thankful for the opportunity to learn from these parents and walk this unexpected journey with them.....


  1. What a wonderful opportunity! I wish we had something like that here. I can totally understand the feelings you walk away with. That particular scripture came to mind as I was reading...and reading on, there it was!

    I sometimes think about how things have changed in just 20 short years. We met with the parents of an 18 year old with Ds shortly after Lily was born. They told us that at the hospital when their daughter was born, they were asked if they wanted to keep her. That was ONLY 18 years ago!!!

    I do feel that there is a strong possibility that Wyatt and Lily's life will be much different than some of the older kids you saw. There are just so many more opportunities.

    (((HUGS))) friend!

  2. You are right to focus on today Penny. Look at all the changes that have occurred since those kids/adults were born. And they keep coming. Ipad? Gymnastics therapy? Did people even dream of this stuff even (almost) 4 years ago when Caleb was born?
    Wyatt has what matters-loving family that will help him develop a relationship with Christ. A great, fun spirit about him. Social skills are just as important (IMHO) as the reading, writing and all the other school stuff.
    Keep pushing friends and community involvement-it will serve him well in the long run. The rest is up to our Creator...
    Karen and Caleb

  3. I agree with Cathy and Karen (as usual). Things are different now. But, you are right to focus on how much each of those parents LOVE their kids exactly where they are. I know that, regardless of Wyatt's abilities, you will adore him just as much at 25yo as you do now!

  4. I hate to admit it but there have been a few times I've left our ds support group more discouraged than when I got there, and the oldest child in our group is 11. I just get so overwhelmed with all the stuff we have ahead of us. School, ieps, where our kids will live etc. But then I think about how nervous I was for claire to even be here, and already her first year has flown by, and I can't believe so much time has passed. I know I will be able to handle the upcoming stuff, just like you will, but most days I find I do best when I just focus on now. Hugs!