Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Baby.....Not Mine!

this weekend we had the awesome privilege of meeting a family who is expecting a baby girl with Down syndrome in a couple of months.   my ob/gyn friend had asked me if i was willing to meet this young mom a couple of months ago, and i was thrilled to do so!  we've only talked on the phone up until this past weekend.   their baby, ashlynn, is due in early april. 

we met at a local pizza place, and really enjoyed our time together.  we met baby ashlynn's mom (noel) and dad (paul), dad's son from a previous marriage, mom's mom and little sister....whew!  quite a crew!  noel had told me that they wanted the kids to see wyatt, and know a little more of what to expect.   i think they were all relieved to meet us, especially to meet wyatt, and see that he's just a typical, cute baby boy!     paul's son, who is 11, said, "he's the cutest baby i've ever seen!"   noel's mom thanked us so much for meeting, she said noel had been so nervous about their baby, and she was thrilled to see such a happy family with a baby who has Ds!  

i am so glad that we were able to bring the "new parent basket" that our local organization provides.  there's so much good information in there that i know will be helpful to them even before ashlynn arrives!  i'm a HUGE fan of Babies With Down Syndrome: A New Parents Guide, i think it's such an awesome resource!   i also love the national down syndrome congress free resource, Down Syndrome: A New Parents Guide!   it has such great information, and a terrific step by step guideline for medical tests, etc.  i am of the "the more information i have, the better off i am" mentality!   tim just encouraged them to read the books in little bits and pieces, so as not to be overwhelmed!   

it was a great meeting, and i hope that we can continue to encourage them in their unexpected journey.  we have been blessed with such tremendous encouragers since wyatt's birth, and want to pass along that same friendship!   may God bless them as they welcome their baby girl in a couple of months!  peace....


  1. Penny I would have done anything to have a sweet , Jesus loving, kind soul like yourself welcome me and grady to this new journey in life, I am sure they were abundantly blessed by your time together. Awesome!

  2. how wonderful Penny! I'm praying they feel more relaxed and assured after meeting you all. Told you that you would be doing this!!! :)

  3. So glad you had this opportunity, Penny. What a blessing and a wonderful way to minister to other families! :)

  4. What an awesome opportunity! That's paying it forward in the best sense of the word! xoxo

  5. That is awesome that you were able to meet with them. I would have welcomed such an opportunity when I was pregnant!