Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"A Baby Boom!"

exciting announcements this past few days in our online Down syndrome community!   two of my facebook friends who have children who have Down syndrome have officially announced that they are in the process of adopting children who have Ds from eastern european countries!   and one of our families is there in country right now, spending time with their precious girls (2) and completing all necessary tasks to be able to adopt!  if you'd like to follow their stories and/or donate towards the cost of their adoptions, which is tax deductible, i'm including their links below!

in the ukraine now are jennifer and andrew lane; their blog is "journey with the lanes"....they are there visiting and falling more and more in love with their daughters johannah and ellee!   beautiful girls who are so blessed to have this precious family as their forever family!   they found these precious girls through reece's rainbow, as many of my friends have!  

julie and cam are thrilled to have found peter through my friend patti's pure love giveaway fundraiser, which raised over $15,000 for peter!   they have 2 children, one who has Down syndrome, and had always planned to adopt a child with Ds through reece's rainbow sometime in the future.  they did not realize how soon that future was until they were introduced to peter!   julie works as a nurse in the nicu of texas children's hospital, the largest free standing children's hospital in america, as well as home to a premier heart institute... peter will need major heart surgery in the near future!  isn't God awesome to capture the heart of this family for peter?   follow their journey at "upside down"

and finally, my dear friend christie, who actually introduced julie to peter, found her own 4th son through this journey as well!    christie advocated day and night for peter, begging someone to come forward to be his forever family.   little did she realize that this would lead her to her own adoption journey!   she also began advocating for alexander, who is an older child from reece's rainbow....only to realize that she and shawn were to be his forever family!   praise GOD!   christie is an amazing mom to 3 boys, one who has Ds, and she has always been an incredible source of support and encouragement in our Ds community!   alexander is nearly 6, and has already been transferred to an institution.   christie and shawn must work quickly to bring him home!   as christie said, "We cannot do this alone, we are praying for God's safety over Alexander in the institution until we can get to him and bring him home. Please join us in that prayer. We also must raise just a wee bit more than $12,000 to fund his grants fully. We need God's blessing in this part too, we cannot raise that kind of money alone. I am humbly asking you to share what you can, even if it is just $1.00. We will be forever grateful."   please pray for alexander; please give as you can!   follow their journey at "T-Cubed: 3 boys, twins, & Trisomy 21"!

isn't this exciting?  as my friend cathy ("a walk in lily's garden") said the other night, "There's a baby boom around these parts...one of the Reece's Rainbow kind. Praising God for all these little ones whose families have found them."  


  1. I am so so excited to see all these kids come home! RR is just awesome!