Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's He Thinking?

okay, sad time here....i wish that wyatt could talk more!  i just look in his little eyes, and know that he understands and comprehends so much more than he can express.  today i'm just very sad about that.  i often wonder what he's thinking.... i love to talk, and i feel like i talk to him ALL DAY LONG!  i guess one day i'll be really surprised when he answers me!  

some of his therapists have mentioned this week how much they can tell that he understands and "gets" stuff.   he does what we ask him to do for the most part.   he just hardly speaks.  we really have to prompt him to say words.....unless he's calling one of us.....mama, dada, ethan or bubba (forrest)....or if he's telling us to turn the fan "ON!"  and he does sing and babble a lot!   i saw a friend yesterday with a child just a bit younger than wyatt and she was saying LOTS of just made me realize how little he talks, i guess.  

i know that his surgeries have delayed him in addition to the delays that can be attributed to his Down syndrome.  i know that he probably had fluid sitting in his ears a lot more than i ever realized.  and so we've only had about 1 good month of fluid-free hearing.   and i know that i am not alone in wishing my child could talk more.   i KNOW lots of reasons as to why he is not talking..... we're just a "talkative" family, and i hoped that he'd be talking more by now!


  1. You are not alone. Joseph is 7 and has DS. He is non verbal. He started to have seizures just before he was one year old, I think that this has added to his delays. We know he understands us and one day will surprise us with the sound of his voice. He does sign and just recently has begun to sign I Love You! and I love you more! On the flip side he also has begun to look at his dad and sign "no dad" and laugh. Its amazing how without words he can express such stubbornness, sweetness and just be able to make requests. We still pray that he will find his voice, and joke that when he does we had better all look out!!!!
    Pam -

  2. Penny, I know how you feel. I see Kaleb babbling and talking to him self and wish I knew what he is saying. He can't say anything but mama and dada. I know its not good to compare other kids as each kid develops differently, but I'm jealous of Wyatt. He does way more then Kaleb. So don't feel alone, cause I'm in the same boat.

  3. OH sister, you KNOW I feel your pain!!! We are all in the same boat for the most part! I just wrote about this in my blog, "the non-verbal child". She's 4 and has the cognitive ability of an 18 mos old or 2 yr old at best. So I feel you. Hang in there Momma! Just know you are not alone! Love and hugs!!!