Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thankful for God's "Winks" This Week!

i'm so excited to share about something i'm calling my "God winks"!   i'm not trying to sound irreverant or anything like that, but that's the best description i have!   i was blessed with an extra dose of God's love and blessing this past week, and must share it with you!   and it all happened the days surrounding valentine's cool is that?     and it came in various shapes and forms!    just fyi, i LOVE gifts and presents.....i just do....i love to give them and i love to receive them....and i have a special fondness for sterling silver handstamped jewelry, and hearts too!   i also have the gift of encouragement....i believe that it is my special gift from God to encourage others in whatever way they need encouragement.....   GOD is so AWESOME....HE blessed me in these particular ways this past here goes.....

"seemingly random words of
encouragement and love...."

last tuesday, february 8th, as i sat down for the evening, i discovered a beautiful sweet note of encouragement in my message box on facebook!   a sweet younger cousin of mine just sent me a little note that she titled "seemingly random words of encouragement and love"....about my example as a Christian wife and mom to her....we have never been particularly close...she is much younger than i am, and i actually had no idea that she was keeping up with my life through facebook!   it was a precious sweet note i will always treasure!   it was such a blessing!

random note of encouragement
from a dear friend who moved away....

the very next day, wednesday,  i received yet another "random" note of encouragement from a dear friend who had moved away.  she was just encouraging me about Ladies Bible Study and my leadership in that area.   and she used the word "random" again..... i wondered what God was up to with these "random" messages.... these unexpected blessings!  

the letter.....

then on friday of that week i received a handwritten letter (don't you love a handwritten letter?) from one of my very best friends in the world, just encouraging me as wyatt's mom....such precious words that i needed to hear that day!   

giveaway winner announced....

on sunday of that week, wyatt was sick and i stayed home with him while tim went and taught our adult sunday school class.... for some reason i checked my blog and found a comment on my latest post that i had won a necklace in a random giveaway that i had signed up for!   i love kristen's custom creations, which is beautiful handstamped sterling silver jewelry, and i had just posted a comment on her blog stating which necklace i would like if i happened to win....and I WON!!!   a beautiful silver conversation heart necklace that said..."LOVED".....and it arrived yesterday!

isn't it beautiful?
and as if that wasn't enough....on tuesday of this week we received ethan's valentine's gift for his girlfriend that i had ordered for him, (yes it was late...misunderstanding there).... a beautiful "sterling silver handstamped" piece of jewelry from lisa's pieces; unique handcrafted jewelry, and inside the box was another box that contained beautiful handstamped sterling silver earrings with hearts on them and a letter that stated i was the 1200th customer to place an order, and she included a "little something extra" in celebration!
aren't they sweet?  i love them!
why did i receive these special blessings this week?  i have no idea....did i deserve them?  absolutely not!  i deserve NOTHING from God, but He loves to bless His children, just as He has blessed us with the free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ...."For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--" (ephesians 2:8)   there is nothing that i can do to deserve ONE THING from Him....but i'm so glad that He choses to bless me you know HIM?   i'd love to tell you more about Him...


  1. So Happy you had a good week! I love to read stories like this and I LOVE IT WHEN GOD WINKS at his children! You deserve are such a sweet, sweet person! Hugs to you my neighbor and friend! *wink* *wink* :)

  2. I love weeks like this, when everything just comes together. The words of encouragement are there when you need them, even if you didn't realize you needed them. And of course, some beautiful jewelry doesn't hurt either!