Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

"all because two people fell in love..."

so much for posting earlier in the day to wish everyone a happy valentine's day!   as usual, the "special" day did not turn out quite like i expected...not that i expected fireworks or anything!  hehehe!  mr. wyatt just has not felt great today!   i did "drag" him out to lunch with daddy, and then to forrest's valentine party at school, but he was wiped out by the time we were finished!   this cold just keeps dragging on, poor little man!   so i got to spend lots of time cuddling my littlest valentine!  sweet cuddle time, too!  

i've always been a huge valentine's day girl! i just love to celebrate love, don't you?   i love hearts and flowers and candy.....the list goes on!  i used to even cut out hearts that led a trail out of the boy's rooms to find their valentine treats.....used to!   that was always fun!   when i was little, my daddy used to buy us girls beautiful lacy huge boxes of candy that were waiting on our beds when we got home from school....i love those memories!   i have a terrific daddy!    the younger boys and i actually had dinner with my parents tonight while tim worked late....delicious steak dinner!   yummy!   

college visit.....where did the time go?

just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentine's day.....and share some pics of my valentines.....

mother/son night of fun!

my littlest valentine!

one of my favorite pics....

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  1. Happy Valentines Day! I've never been one for celebrating v-day, but I can see that changing with Claire. The holidays are just much more fun with all her excitement.