Friday, February 25, 2011


wow!  i can't believe that it has been one year since wyatt's open heart surgery!   in some ways it seems like yesterday, but mainly it seems like a lifetime ago!   i can't believe that one year ago we handed him over to virtual strangers for them to cut open his chest, put him on bypass, stop his heart, fix his heart, and restart his!   that little guy has been through a lot in his short life!  

so many emotions as we wait for anesthesiologist to take wyatt back.....

his surgery was a lot shorter than we anticipated....i think it was about 1 1/2 hours!   i so dreaded what i would see when it was time to see him post-op....i was scared!   my friend susan and i had gone to the "pumping" station for me to pump, and when we were done i was told that wyatt was in cicu and that i could see him right then!   so i went, all by myself....susan wasn't allowed in cicu....and was really pleasantly surprised at what i found.....
wyatt all hooked up, but resting peacefully a few hours post-op!
wow!  and his recovery was amazing!   i couldn't believe that he was taken off the ventilator within about 48 hours and transferred to the step-down cardiac unit!   and then it was completely up to us to take care of him, for the most part!   and glory....then we could resume nursing!    praise GOD!   

3 days post-op...happy as can be, kicking his feet!
we were only in the step down unit 2 days before he was discharged!   God is so good....wyatt's body healed so quickly, with no complications!  we made the 5 hour drive home where he was welcomed by his big brothers and all his grandparents!   he was back to therapies within 1 month....such an amazing recovery!  

and now he's almost 20 months old.....and to look at him you'd never know he had open heart surgery....such a busy boy......what a blessing he is to us!


  1. Oh wow, penny! I'm not going to lie, I hate seeing Wyatt like that. I just adore his face! So glad and praising the Lord that he is doing just fine now! Yes, what a blessing :)

  2. Happy heart day, Wyatt! A wonderful day to celebrate. :-)

  3. Happy Heart Day Wyatt!! While last year was a hard day, from now on this is just a day to celebrate!!