Thursday, February 10, 2011


yes, it happened again....someone asked me if i was wyatt's grandma.    crazy, huh?   i personally don't think i look old enough to be a grandma, but i've been reminded (repeatedly) that grandmas can be pretty young....i've heard as young as 34, even.....WOW!   grandmas apparently are no longer just little grey-haired old ladies!   (no offense grandmas out there!)   i'm not looking for sympathy here....i got plenty of that on facebook yesterday, but it's just so interesting to me that people feel the need to clarify my relationship with wyatt!   and why doesn't tim ever get asked if he's wyatt's grandpa???????

yesterday at the pediatrician's office a lady (grandma) said to me "he's your grandson, right?"   my sweet response was "no, he's our little surprise gift from God!"   we went on to have a very pleasant conversation, and she apologized, but i just wonder why people feel the need to ask that question!  does it matter to a stranger if i'm his mom or grandma?    if they want to talk about him, why can't they just say "that's a cute kid you've got there!" or "i bet he keeps you busy!"

as you've probably guessed, this is not the first time i've been asked this question.   one day i was wearing wyatt in his sling at wal mart and one of the associates there asked me "is he yours?"......"um, no....i just found him and put him in this he yours?".....of course i did not say that, but i thought that was a strange way to phrase that question.    then there was the taco bell drive thru worker who noticed wyatt and forrest in the back of my van and commented on my grandkids..... i said, "oh no, they're mine".....and she said "seriously?"  really....would i kid about this?   bizarre!!!!

i know that i am not alone in this situation.....i've heard that many of my friends have experienced this as well.  i've just got to come up with a quick answer for their silly remarks!   and make sure that i keep those grey hairs colored!    peace.......


  1. Ugh, how FRUSTRATING!!! Good point - why do people feel the need to ask in the first place? I don't think you look like anyone's grandma, either.

    Samantha, for some time, would call anyone with grey hair a grandma, but the innocence of a 4 year old is a bit different, I think. :-)

  2. I think it's a frame of reference. They probably have teen moms in their family. I always wondered how I was still being carded for paint or toilet bowl cleaner in my early 30s (you need to be 18). But then every once in a while I see a teenager that looks really old and I figure that the people who thought I looked that young were the parents of those teens. Also, I think some people have their kids young (too young, imo) and then are done, some wait until they can afford them, and some just have them when they come. For those that have them young, anyone over 30 must be a grandparent and not a parent if they have LOs running around.

  3. Congrats penny you are the winner of the Loved necklace please send me your mailing address