Monday, November 22, 2010

Bye-Bye Adenoids!

tomorrow is surgery day.  i have been a little nervous today, without really realizing it, resulting in being a tad bit grumpy.  my oldest son had to remind me to "calm down" this afternoon as i rushed around the house trying to get the tile cleaned (in case anyone comes over to check on wyatt after his surgery!)...crazy, huh? 

wyatt will have his adenoids removed in the morning around 9:45 (cst).  it will be an outpatient procedure, barring excessive bleeding, etc.  we should be home by mid afternoon, i would think.  everyone assures me that this is such an easy surgery, quick recovery, etc.  i believed all that last week.  now i'm stressed.   

i know it's nothing like the open heart surgery, but it still involves anesthesia....UGH!   i'm sure he will be fine, and the dr told me they will not be administering antibiotics during surgery....a major concern because he had an anaphylactic reaction to ancef during his open heart surgery....which makes surgery a little more scary for us. 

i'm glad that this time tomorrow night the surgery will be over!  i'm thankful that we have lots of wonderful friends and family praying for him.  he's such a tough little guy anyway!   thanks for caring about our family, and for loving our wyatt!  we covet your prayers for us!  

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