Monday, November 15, 2010

"Will You Help?" by Cathy Harms Thompson

special thanks to my friend Cathy Harms Thompson for "guest blogging" ....  she has a powerful message to share!  

I've been wondering how to write this post for weeks. You see, I really want to appeal to all of you...make you think...make you ACT. I had no idea how to start it.

Until this morning...

Lily and I have our morning routine. Every single day, I kiss Lily, plop the peanut in her crib with a bunch of her toys, turn on some music, and then hop in the shower. As soon as the water is off, I listen to hear her still playing in the crib.

This morning was no different. After my shower, I heard her banging her toys around and I could also hear that she had restarted her little music box. for me to blow dry my hair now. As I shut off the blow dryer, I didn't hear anything coming from her room so I walk down the hall to check on her.

Lily is sitting in the corner of her music. My first thought is, "Ahhhh...poor toys (they were all on the floor) music. You are all alone in that crib with absolutely nothing to do." I scooped her up...and gave her a kiss...

And then...I started crying...

It hit me...

Well...maybe God hit me...

I was so worried about my little peanut who was alone in a crib for 5 minutes when across this world there are so many orphans who face this...


I am asking for your help in bringing one of these orphans home. Mark, Lily, and I were fortunate to meet the Sader family this past summer at a local zoo. Their gorgeous daughter, Ragen, is blessed with a little something extra, just like Lily.

God has been working hard on Deanna and Rob. They have committed to adopt Melanie. Melanie is an orphan...abandoned just because she has Down syndrome. She's an adorable little girl...I personally think she even looks a bit like her big sister Ragen.

Deanna, Melanie's mommy, posted this today on Facebook...

This is Melanie...she is an orphan in Eastern Europe who is seen as imperfect all because of one extra chromosome. My husband and I are trying to adopt this little one with all our might and God's help. She needs medical care for her heart and intestines...she will not get this where she is and could die. If she stays in her orphanage, she will go into a mental institution at the age of 4...85% of these precious children die within the first year of institutionalization. Please help us save her from this fate.

International adoption is very expensive. You can help bring Melanie home!!!! You can donate to her adoption fund through Reece's Rainbow. Just click here to do so. If you are not comfortable making an on-line donation, you can mail a check to the following address:

Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

Be sure to put Melanie/Sader adoption on the memo line. You will get a receipt for your taxes for your donation.

Your donation might help Melanie to spend one less minute alone. Every child deserves to know the love of a mommy and a daddy. Melanie HAS a mommy, daddy, and a big sister. It breaks my heart to know that money is what is keeping them apart.

Donate today...and pray...pray not just for Melanie, but for all orphans.

God bless you, sweet Melanie...

We can't wait to meet you!!

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