Friday, November 5, 2010

Today was Lunch Bunch Day!

our lunch bunch group of mommies of kiddos with Down syndrome met today at my house!  our group expanded this week to 6 moms, and we had a great time.  we had 2 more mommies who were able to join us for the first time today, and 1 who couldn't be here because of a sick kiddo.  we had 3 little boys, ages 1-2, who were cute as can be!  they played lots of ball!   all kinds of ball, too!  

the funny thing about our group is that we talk all over each other....there are usually 2-3 different conversations going on at any given time.  we just may have to make rules!   like "raise your hand to speak"....."1 person talking at a time!" get the picture!   hahaha!  perhaps we just need to meet more often so that we can talk more!  it seems like we all have something to say that just can't wait!  it's pretty funny.  it would drive a man CRAZY!!! 

i love this group of ladies.  it seems like one of us always has an answer to another's questions!  we are so blessed to have each other and to learn from each other's experiences.    and i know our kiddos benefit as well, as we help each other along this unexpected journey!    peace....

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  1. next time you have some free time take a drive here to louisiana and come meet our group of moms, they are an awesome group of ladies(maybe you could bring some of your group) fun would that be? Maybe we could meet in the middle