Monday, November 1, 2010

Glasses Too?????

so today was wyatt's yearly opthamologist check-up.  he needs glasses.  i feel so confident that she knows what she is talking about....i don't need a second opinion.  i'm just so sad.  i cried when i talked to tim.   i told my friend carol (who has a son w/Ds).......isn't it enough that he has Ds, had open heart surgery, is wearing a hearing we have to add glasses?   i know i've said this before, but it just makes me so sad that he has to have one more thing that makes him appear different from everyone else!   UGH!!!   her son also has glasses...

so now i research glasses, which ones are best for him....everyone has an opinion, and i think they're all different!   i read that approximately 87 % of kids with Ds will need glasses by the time they are 3!   i didn't realize the numbers were that high.   his appointment was pretty tough, once they got his eyes dilated, it took 2 of us holding him while the opthamologist looked in his eyes.  she is very thorough.....she said "i hate to tell you, but he's going to need glasses.....not sure how he's going to keep them on!"   hopefully better than the hearing much as he likes to snatch everyone else's glasses, i'm not sure what we are going to do with him!   and now everyone in our family will have glasses!   more alike........


  1. I think there's always going to be that one thing that knocks you sideways. For me it was the thyroid meds - my girl seems so very small to be prescribed with a lifetime of medication. Glasses we didn't mind so much but I guess the idea was sold to me super gently - I was told her sight 'might improve' as she was only six months old when we got them. Of course 2 years later it still hasn't, but I happily clung to the straw for as long as it took to get used to the idea... I'm so sorry for you and for him, Penny. But all the best people wear glasses so at least there's that :O)

  2. Penny,
    Nothing quite seems right to say. I love you and am so sorry you have one more thing to deal with. While I know that you will "rise to the occasion" by His Grace, it is still must be hard. Wyatt is so beautiful and that beauty will continue to shine through, of course, even with glasses. (I agree with Sally, about all the best people wearing glasses :-)) The stress of having to keep one more thing "on," well, I know that is completely another matter.

  3. Penny-so sorry to read this. I know how hard it is when things just keep piling up.
    What the two above posts have said is awesome and true. You might want to "throw it out there" on your status one day-what things people have done to help keep glasses on? (((hugs)))