Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wyatt's Adventures Continue....He Got His Glasses!

and so the fun begins!  we got wyatt's glasses today, and it seems that wyatt likes his new glasses just about as much as he liked his bone conductive hearing aid!   i am so very thankful that i do not have to wrestle both of them on him at the same time!  (since it's been determined that he does not need the hearing aid....PRAISE GOD!!!)   not sure how long it will take him to get used to the glasses!  they are very cute, though!   the lady who fitted them on him said it might take about a month.....we can only hope!

i want to think that if they help him, he will want to keep the on.  of course, with his beautiful long eyelashes hitting the lenses from time to time, i'm not sure that he will ever get used to them, or forget that he has them on!  UGH!   at least they have a strap around the back that will keep them on him, somewhat....until he pulls them over his head, of course!   hmmmm..... why don't they just put kiddos in contacts?   i've had friends whose kids used them......but with his astigmatism, i'm not sure that would work.....plus the whole idea of trying to put contacts into his little bitty eyes....

and so the adventure continues.....he is one good natured fellow!    we are blessed!    and yes, i'll post pictures just as soon as i can get him to keep them on long enough to take a picture!!!! 

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  1. hopefully he will realize they help and he will leave them on....can't wait to see pictures with them on