Monday, November 8, 2010

No Hearing Aid for Wyatt!!!

i have a HUGE PRAISE!  wyatt does not need to wear the hearing aid!   PRAISE GOD!   our pediatrician had recommended a second opinion since we had never been able to get a good tympanogram reading in wyatt's left ear, especially since he is about to get glasses.  there are two audiologists in the group that we have been using; one had recommended the bone conductive hearing aid, the other (who we go to church with) thought that wyatt did not need it.  he was right!!!

so after being encouraged to seek another opinion by not just our pediatriacian, but wyatt's speech and developmental therapists, we went today with the goal of trying to get a better reading.  kiddos with Down syndrome have such tiny ear canals that it is difficult to get good readings.   we are so thrilled that she was able to get a good tympanogram in both ears.  not such good results with the OAE, due in large part to the shape and size of his ear canals, but great results in the booth!  she recorded 15 db in his left ear  and 20 in his right (which is normally better than that!).   she said that her report would be that wyatt has "normal" hearing....not just for a child with Ds, but overall!   yay yay yay!  

i am so thankful that i followed my mother's instinct (God's leading...) and proceeded with more testing.  it was just such a hard decision!  it would just be so much easier if God would just write instructions on a tablet for us to read daily, wouldn't it?   i felt like i have been "beating a dead horse!"  i'm so glad my friend susan could go with me to "back me up with another set of ears" when tim was not available!  i always leave appointments wondering if i am remembering everything they told me when i don't have tim with me!  

so very thankful for this awesome news!!!   peace......


  1. That's FANTASTIC news, Penny!!!!!!!!!! To God be the glory!

  2. Soooooo glad to hear your wonderful news, Penny. WTG, Mama!

  3. again, great news Penny :) what a relief!!!