Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today Is Orphan Sunday....

this morning in worship, our choir sang "orphans of God" first i just "leaked" a tear of two....then the "waterworks" were turned was awful!  thankfully i had tissues in my purse.....of course it would be the day i wear mascara, which is not very often.....

today is "orphan sunday," and as my friend jennie posted earlier, there are more than 140 MILLION orphans in the world today.  oh my can this be?   as i sat there crying, and looking at our precious wyatt, thinking about how much he is loved by so many people, i was burdened again about all the babies with Down syndrome in this world who are orphans.  my heart just breaks for them.  of course i know that there are so many orphans who have no "special needs"....but i was reminded of those babies and children with Down syndrome who are virtually alone in this world, without the love of a family.  

i am so thankful for those families who have been and are in the process of adopting.  what a blessing they are to these little ones.  i will continue to pray for them, share about them with others, and support them as i can.  may God bless them as they commit to being "forever families" for these precious orphans....


  1. Praying this day spoke to many hearts throughout our world that will be led to make a lasting impact on the global orphan crisis. Our music minister also sang Orphans of God. Makes me bawl every time...still! I'm sure the HPBC choir rocked that one out :)

  2. Penny-I'm with you! I cannot even fathom 140 million precious children out there-wanting families, wanting just to be loved and accepted as they are. It really breaks my heart. God's reasons for things are beyond our understanding, I know. But this would be one of the first questions to ask!