Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He's As Strong as An Ox.....

wyatt is as strong as an ox!   i'm not sure if that's another trait of Down syndrome or not, but i don't remember our other sons being so strong.   it's a wrestling match just to change a diaper lately.  and now that we have regular poops (thanks to miralax!),  it's a nasty wrestling match!    if wyatt doesn't want to do something, it's pretty hard to get him to do it!   and that applies to wearing his hearing aid as well....once he takes it off, it's hard to get it out of his grip!   it's also hard to get a spoon away from him when he grabs it ... especially when it has food on it!  ugh!  he's a strong little guy!  

every time tim and i talk about how strong wyatt is, we're reminded of one of the first children's books we bought for ethan. we loved and read repeatedly "quick as a cricket" by audrey awesome book about many different traits of a boy compared to various animals.  it has beautiful of them depicting "strong as an ox!"  it brings back great memories of when ethan was a little guy.....a long time ago!  he's now 6'2" and 17 years old....a senior in high school!   where has the time gone?

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