Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wyatt's Big Old Adenoids Have Got To Go!

took wyatt to the ENT for his follow-up appointment from his infection two weeks ago.  the dr. had ordered an x-ray of his adenoids, mainly because of my concerns about wyatt's "gagging" when he seems congested.  we did the x-ray this week, and the results are very enlarged adenoids.  "obstructive" was one of the words used in the report.  so it looks like we'll be facing surgery to remove his adenoids soon.  the dr. says that it is a fairly "easy" surgery....outpatient in the hospital, most likely able to go home the same day. 

although i really felt like this was coming, it's still hard!  and i'm still second-guessing the decision to proceed with surgery!   it's almost like i'm in a fog....kind of weird.   he did so terrific through his open heart surgery, i have no reason not to expect awesome results again.  just hate surgery for our little man.....

and then i get on facebook and see my online friends whose kids also have Down syndrome, who are having such bigger issues than we are facing right now.  my friend renee's daughter lucy has had a tough time with her open heart surgery recovery.  praise God for a better day today!  tracie and john's baby, mattie, a newborn that they are adopting, has had a rough start since birth.....praising God that he is getting better and stronger daily as well!    and now christie's son joseph has just been transferred to a children's hospital with an uncertain diagnosis; osteocrenosis.....perhaps Legg Calves Perthes Disease.   such a scary time for them....i can't even imagine......please join me in praying for them....   

i'm so thankful that our God is Jehovah Rapha....our Great Physician....our Healer.  i'm thankful that He hears and answers our prayers......and sees and collects our tears.....

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  1. Penny-have they done, or planning on, a sleep study with Wyatt? Just wondering. Caleb's T&A surgery was a result of his sleep study-that proved the obstructive-ness of his tonsils and adenoids.
    Anyway, he did fine. Stayed overnight, just because they do that typically with our kiddos-and because he was so little, with a heart condition. He recovered OK-we just should've stayed away from crowds better, b/c he got sick and then was miserable. Stock up on soft foods-pudding, jello, ice cream :) Do you know when it will be?