Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21: Day 31 21 Things I Love About Wyatt....

1.   his sweet spirit...he is such a precious baby boy!
2.   how hard he works to do things that are so easy for other kiddos...without complaint!
3.   his delightful laugh.....sometimes it's more of a chuckle!
4.   the love he has for his brothers....and that they have for him!
5.   his sweet, always ready, smile!
6.   how he loves people.....all people!  he is very people oriented!
7.   his cute little commando crawl that gets him anywhere he wants to go! even though now he's
crawling on all fours mostly!
8.   how he brightens any room he's in....home, dr's offices, church....the list goes on!
9.   the love he has for my parents (g-mama and g-daddy)....he just lights up when he sees them!
10. how cuddly he is!  he's a real "cuddle-bug!" 
11. his silly faces....i've got to start catching them with the camera!
12. how he has drawn people together!
13. his love and interest in's so funny when he takes a book away from us and
turns around with it,  like "just for me!" "read" on his own!
14. the ministry i believe that he will have throughout his life!
15. how he has helped me realize there is more to life than "perfection"....which is SO overrated!
16. his beautiful hair!
17. how he gets SOOOOO excited about the littlest things!  
18. the unconditional love he has for me...even when i don't deserve it!
19. how he claps for's so adorable!   like, "look at me...did you see what i did?"
20. that extra twenty-first chromosome!
21. that he is our special, unexpected, surprise bonus baby gift from God!


  1. These are precious, as is Wyatt! Numbers 3, 8, and 15 are my favorites. He's not a child you can frown around. Justin and I LOVE seeing him in your Sunday night class!