Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21: Day 11 The Boy Likes to Eat!

busy day today, but wyatt has been a trooper!  today i had many stops to make, and he just kept on going!  we got to go see his uncle rudy to wish him a happy birthday, and went and saw a friend who will be joining us for the buddy walk, then we went and saw his cousin katie at her office....whew!   and of course he spreads great joy to most everyone he meets!  who wouldn't smile when they see this face????

that was all after 2 therapies this morning....so i thought he'd be ready for a nice long nap this afternoon, as he does every afternoon.... NOT TODAY!!!!   wyatt normally naps 3 hours!   today he would not go to sleep!!!   so he watched sesame street instead....  he loves those furry critters just like his big brother forrest did!  elmo is his favorite!  

tonight we went to the buddy walk meeting and he did pretty good to have not had a nap....we picked up a sonic kids' meal for him (and a lime cherry coke for mama) for supper while we were at the meeting!  he loves hamburgers, brocolli, pizza, sweet peppers, beans, tacos, steak, spaghetti....the list goes on!  the boy loves food, and will eat most anything....

and that made me think about some good friends of mine whose kids have "feeding issues," they can't or won't eat typical food that i take for granted.  some of the reasons kids with Ds have feeding issues has to do with their "low tone," which affects their facial muscles as well.  also, medical conditions can affect their ability to eat, such as when there are serious heart conditions which make babies tire easily, they often "wear out" when trying to suck or eat.  they often must be fed by a "tube" when such serious medical conditions are present.  another cause for feeding issues in some kids with Ds is that the physical size/shape of their mouth is often smaller, which can make feeding more difficult, as well as problems they might have with "tongue thrust."    so in addition to the many therapists that wyatt has, some of his friends have "feeding therapy" as well!  

we'll be looking at wyatt's therapies over the next week or so.....


  1. He's a healthy boy! I hope our hypothetical children are not picky eaters, because we LOVE to cook =)

  2. Mr. Messy Mouth! I am proud of you Penny! We are currently on the baby Mum-Mum and raisin diet. That is all Ellie has been eating for the past week. Seriously. She throws everything else. I imagine that once I stock up on raisins and mum-mums she will no longer like that. Gotta love toddlers. Please pray for a friend of mine's son. He was intubated for so long that he now has oral aversion and there are talks of a G-tube.

  3. What I wouldn't give for Claire to take a three hour nap! Since she's been a year, she never takes much longer than an hour nap.