Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Day 7 Wyatt Walking....Finally!!!

first pics of walking!
although it happened about 6 weeks ago, i have yet to post any video of about the big event!!!   wyatt is finally walking!   i think he started walking right around 25 1/2 months, maybe closer to 26 months!   although i knew it would happen one seemed like FOREVER we waited, and waited and waited!!!     and although i knew that children with Down syndrome generally walk later than "typical" children, i never REALLY thought that would be wyatt, because he seemed so strong!  he has been walking supported for a LONG time....and we thought he would walk any time.....for MONTHS!!!!   even his therapists thought he would have walked months ago!  

love the joy on his face here!
when we were at hope haven, the Down syndrome clinic, back in april, the physical therapist recommended that we might want to pursue some "sensory therapy,"(which i blogged about here and here) including the "astronaut training program," therapeutic listening, etc.  this made a huge difference!  and within a couple of weeks of beginning those therapies, wyatt was walking!  

pure joy!!!!!
i must say that i have never seen a child more proud of himself for walking!   the joy and excitement on his face has been priceless!    i just don't remember our older boys expressing such happiness when they started walking....but it has been a LONG time since then!   so i just wanted to share a few pics a video of wyatt finally walking.....
and here's the video....finally!!!!


  1. Cuteness overload!!!!! He is walking so well and looks just thrilled to be doing so :)

  2. YAY!!! He has every reason to be very proud! Ohmygoodness, I just want to scoop him up. Soooooo cute!

  3. Way to go big guy! So proud, love the hair cut too:) Now time to get out your running shoes Penny...good luck, lol

  4. wooo hooo! Way to go Wyatt! :)