Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21: Day 15 A Slower Pace....

i don't know if it just having a child at an older age....i was 43 when wyatt was born....or because he has Down syndrome, but i find that we live "life" at a much slower pace.   i know that sounds funny when i talk about how busy we are with all his therapies and appointments, but i just know that we enjoy the little things more.  

after wyatt's nap today, we were outside enjoying the beautiful afternoon, and he was walking (and walking and walking!!!!) on the sidewalk.  he much prefers the sidewalk to the grass, by the way!   but then i noticed that he was watching his shadow, which he LOVES to do..... and so we started playing with our shadows.   and he was following my lead, copying what i was doing....and i was so excited!    i know that i looked quite funny out there...this almost 46 year old woman "flapping my wings," jumping up and down, waving, and other silly actions as we played with our shadows.....but oh what JOY!!!!!   

so i find that sometimes we actually take the time to enjoy the slower pace of our lives now.... and even take the time to play with our shadows...... peace!


  1. Aww! Flap those wings, sista. Life is so good! Praise God. XXOO

  2. Even though we are crazy busy with appointments I love our slow times. How playing in the grass becomes checking the cracks of the sidewalk, and that becomes a walk around the block.