Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21: Day30 It's Sunday Again....

this is sunday, and an unusual sunday for our family, because we will be traveling instead of attending worship service in our home church.   with very little exception, if it's sunday, you can expect that we will be in church somewhere, if not our home church!  

we have been blessed with a very supportive church family who were very attentive to our needs when wyatt was born and we received his diagnosis of Down syndrome.   our church family was so excited about his birth anyway, since he was such a surprise and we were so OLD!!!   (it was pretty weird having a baby at the same time those young girls i watched grow up were having babies!)   they turned out in FULL FORCE that first buddy walk when wyatt was just 4 months old....we have a team of almost 60 with us that day!   they have continued to support and encourage us in many ways since. 

what makes me sad right now is that every time that we put wyatt in the nursery at church, within that week he is SICK!!!    i know that there is no hard and fast data that kiddos with Ds are more prone to infections (or is there?), but i know that wyatt gets sick a whole lot more than our older boys did.  they were in the nursery or their preschool class starting about the time they turned 1!   and they loved it!   wyatt just seems to pick up every little cold that is out there, and after about a week it turns into a sinus, adenoid (no longer) or ear infection.   i know parents bring their kids to church with "a little cold," it's just so hard on wyatt, because he cannot seem to just get "a little cold" without it turning into an infection that requires antibiotic.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  and it's about to wear me out!  and then when he gets sick, we are out of church.......again.....ugh!!!   

i want him to "build those immunities," but i also want him to stay healthy and be able to hear.  because once he gets sick and congested, we are never certain if his hearing is compromised.  if his hearing is compromised, the harder it is for him to learn to talk.    the longer it will take him....when it's taking a long time anyway.....  UGH!!!    poor little guy.....he wants to play with friends, too!   and he needs to learn to play with kids....... but for now, tim and i just take turns with him, bringing him into worship and Bible study until he becomes restless and needs to be taken out to walk around and visit with folks....  

thanks for listening......

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  1. Talk about frustrating. It does seem that kids with Ds have a harder time fighting infections. No, I do not have hard facts and data to support that :) Still, I know it is frustrating to not be able to have Wyatt in the church nursery without getting sick. Grrrr.