Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 2: Day 13 Friends Lighten the Load....

me and susan
the blessings of friendship are too numerous to count.  at the buddy walk this week, i met a lady who had come to volunteer for our buddy walk.   she is new to the area, and her husband works at our local base, tyndall air force base.  i noticed how sweetly she kept looking at wyatt, the only child with Ds in the meeting to begin with, and i could tell she had a special place in her heart for kids with Ds.  as i talked to her, i learned more of her story. 

susan and wyatt!

lisa is actually from canada, and they are stationed here for a 2 year assignment, a reciprocal program our air force does with the canadian air force.  i asked her what brought her to the buddy walk meeting.  i think she got a little teary as she told me that her best friend back in canada has a 4 year old with Ds, and she had been with her from the beginning.  

she didn't know how closely related our stories of my best friends, susan, has been with us from the beginning of our journey with Ds, recently moved with the air force, and it has about killed me!    so i understood the special place that her friend's daughter with Ds has in her heart, and i so appreciate her desire and willingness to volunteer with our kids, and give of her time and energies to our buddy walk!  

friends like that are hard to find!  even when they live far away from each other, they want to be involved in their friend's lives in whatever way they can!   even helping strangers' buddy walks!  and if we all just help each other out in our journeys, whatever they might be, the load is just a little lighter, isn't it? 

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