Friday, October 28, 2011

31 for 21: Day 28 Sound Sensitivity!

i can definitely see a difference in wyatt when we change his therapeutic listening.  whether we change to a different cd, or we suspend the therapy because of ear infection, or it's just a little longer between therapies.....i see a difference!    he is much less focused, irritable, hits more.....etc!   so, we have seen great benefits from this therapy!  

one thing in particular that i saw a lot of sensitivity to recently was sound.   in retrospect, it was about the time one of his ears had either a clogged tube or the tube has fallen out (still not sure which at this point)......and we skipped a couple of therapeutic listening sessions during occupational therapy.  
the day i took the boys to walk on the beach, he REALLY did not like the sound of the surf, or the feel of the sand for that matter!  but the closer we got to the water, the less happy he was.....

earlier in that week, i also discovered that wyatt DOES NOT LIKE THE DRIVE THRU CAR WASH.....AT ALL!!!   i can't remember if he has never been through one, or maybe it's just been TOO LONG, but he was NOT happy while we were stuck in the car wash for what seemed like a very long time.....

so i'm hoping that we will get that sound sensitivity regulated better..... i hope that he will be able to tolerate the loud, noisy people and places someday.....   and i'm thankful for the progress that we have made!

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  1. Hannah is able to tolerate noise much, much better as she get older. Her sensitivity was never extreme, but when I think back on the things we can do now, that would've been miserable in the past....

    Keep the faith! (and the therapy)