Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 for 21: Day 29 Boys With Down Syndrome Like Legoland Too!

one of the things that forrest has always wanted to do is visit legoland, california!   well, it was highly unlikely that was going to happen anytime soon.....seeing as how we live in FLORIDA!!!   so imagine his excitement when we heard that legoland would be opening in florida this year!!!   add to that their recent promotion offering a free adult ticket to members of their "vip" club and we were ecstatic!!!    

and so here we are in tampa, staying with my childhood best friend, amy, and her family.....and we went to LEGOLAND FLORIDA yesterday!!!   woo hoo!   major excitement here!    what a blessing to have an open invitation to stay with them anytime we want to......and they live just 65 miles from the new legoland (which is on the former cypress gardens property....beautiful lush gardens!)  

and so as we waited in a VERY LONG LINE (i'm not complaining mind you....for 2 free adult tickets!), wyatt, forrest and i hopped out of the line to walk around and play instead of just WAITING.....  and then i noticed the looks, the stares, sometimes the pity......   I HATE THAT!!!    DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR US!!!!!    we are like you.....a family out to have a fun day together at an amusement park!!!   but i digress....

we had a great time!   wyatt woke up around 8 am, and kept going ALL DAY LONG......until 8 pm last night when he crashed!   and he had a terrific time!   he was not the least bit grumpy....until we got back to our friend's house, and by then he was wiped out!!!!   for a boy used to napping 3 hours every day, he did great!!!   

so in case you were wondering, boys with Down syndrome like legoland just like boys without Down syndrome!!!  

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