Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 for 21: Day 9 "We're More Alike Than Different...."

as the national down syndrome congress logo says "we're more alike than different...."   that is so true!  our "all boy" little boy has a new obsesssion..... let's see if you can figure it out with a few clues....   what do all these have in common?

did you guess it?   wyatt's new obsession is the toilet....the toilet in our master bathroom to be specific!  (tim says that is because it's cleaner than the boys' toilet!  lol!  true that....)

he LOVES to play in the toilet, to dip things in the toilet, to splash in the toilet, to play basketball in the name it, he does it!   OH MY GOODNESS!!!!    this is a recent "thing," but you would think that i would remember and either shut the door to the bathroom or lock the toilet, right?  apparently i am a slow learner!   as soon as i get busy doing something like cleaning the kitchen floor, i suddenly realize that i don't hear a certain someone.....and i can pretty much bet he's in our bathroom playing in the toilet....  earlier this afternoon this happened, and as i sprinted to see what damage he had done, i see him "running" out of our bathroom with the above pictured bear that is dripping water, and the bear is still singing...."i am a bear, a happy bear..."  .... a wet soggy bear..... oh my.....

so i just thought it appropriate that i point out that just like many other little boys who like to play in the toilet.....wyatt is "more alike than different....."