Monday, October 18, 2010

31 for 21: Day 18 Friends Linked by an Extra Twenty-First Chromosome

if you've been reading for a while, you might remember the pic that my friend cassie had printed on stretched canvas of wyatt and brennan kissing....around the sides of the canvas she had printed "friends linked by and extra twenty first chromosome brennan + wyatt". it is adorable! if you missed it, here it is:

i love this picture!  it is so sweet and i have it hanging in my "blue" of our living areas....i didn't just want to "hide" it in wyatt's room....i want everyone to see it!  
we met cassie and her daughters brennan and logan at a chick fil a in madisonville, louisiana this summer on our vacation.  we'd been facebook friends, but had not met in real life!  we instantly connected and share a special bond!   i was in tears when i received this unexpected gift in the mail!  i treasure it dearly!  
all that to say....i am so blessed by my friends who i would never have met them had it not been for wyatt's diagnosis of Ds.   i am so thankful for our cyber Ds community!   they are a great source of information, support and encouragement to me....we are indeed "friends linked by an extra twenty first chromosome!"


  1. You are too sweet Penny. Now I have tears!! My pic of our two is in my kitchen, on my hutch, so that when everyone comes into my house (through the back door - the only one we use - haha!) they see it immediately. Of course, I get comments on it from everyone. I'm so glad Logan captured the moment! Most importantly, I'm so glad we're friends. I wish we weren't separated by so many miles though! I am thankful that you have to drive thought to visit your family in Texas, so I know we'll see each other regularly!
    I am so grateful for our friendship!!
    Love ya! Cassie

  2. Hi penny, cassie has talked alot about you. She has shown me that precious picture at her house, it is too sweet. We met shortly after she had brennan, isnt she the sweetest little love? So glad I finally found your blog, Id love to keep up.