Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7: 31 for 21....Medically Speaking

a diagnosis of Down syndrome also means LOTS of doctor’s appointment. cardiologist, ear nose and throat, audiologists, endocrinologists….and that’s just wyatt’s list! so today we have wyatt’s first endocrinologist appointment. his bloodwork at his 1 year well check was a little high, and i am anticipating medication being prescribed. just one more thing to make the little fellow take! he so loves taking meds! (not!)

babies with Down syndrome often have many health related issues; congenital heart defects occur in about 50 percent of babies with Down syndrome. they often have digestive problems, thyroid problems, hearing issues, vision issues and some may develop leukemia. respiratory conditions and increased risk of infection are common as well. it is very important to stay on top of all these health concerns!

at birth wyatt had a congenital heart defect; an asd and a vsd, tiny holes in his heart, for which he had open heart surgery at 7 ½ months. we are currently trying to determine if he has hearing loss that needs treatment. he takes fiber daily to try to prevent constipation, and now his thyroid may need meds! we also give him DHA (fish oil), vitamins, extra vitamin c, and probiotics. and that’s not much compared to what some parents are giving their kids! we’re trying to boost his immune system to help him stay as healthy as possible!

i’m so thankful that we have awesome doctors, nurses, ultrasound technicians, and all the other medical personnel we work with! and i’m thankful for insurance and easy access to medical care and medications! i know that we are so blessed……

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