Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 for 21: Day 28 Friendships are a Blessing.....

i've been encouraged this week.....two people that i didn't realize were reading mentioned how much they have enjoyed reading every mentioned that she hasn't been able to open her link this week and is disappointed.   another said that i'll have to keep up the daily posts!  that's the encouragement that i needed to keep writing.....thanks ladies! 

i am so blessed to have so many people who love and support us in this unexpected journey.  i know that i have blogged about some of them already, but i would be remiss to not mention two friends who have walked every step of this journey with me.   susan and shirley have been with us throughout.  they are the two first people i told that we were pregnant.  (and they were as shocked as we were!)    they are the two first people i told, sobbing, that wednesday afternoon when we got home from the hospital, that wyatt might have Down syndrome.  susan lives here and shirley lives in louisiana....i miss her so much!    they have been my shoulders to cry on, my encouragers, my supports, my friends.  

they have both given up so much to be there for us.  shirley would have gotten in her car and drove down here that wednesday afternoon if i needed her to....she offered.    she did come and stay with us for a week after wyatt was born, to help me.  she left her family behind to be here with us, which is not easy when you have 3 kids at home to make arrangements for.  she cooked, cleaned, shopped, and did so much for us while she was here.  she did the same thing after wyatt's open heart surgery.   i will never forget the sacrifices she made to be with me when i needed her.

susan made arrangements for endless meals to be provided for us after wyatt was born and after his open heart surgery.  she has been there for me in so many matter what, she will drop everything to do anything that i need!  she drove my parents and tim's mom up to atlanta for wyatt's open heart surgery.  again, no small task, having to make arrangements for 2 kids at home.  but she never hesitated to do that for us.  she was a tremendous support to us that week in atlanta, especially during the waiting.  she helped me "think" when i was too overwhelmed to process "stuff!"   

i do know how tremendously i am blessed to have these have so many of these friends!   christy and kym, who i've posted about previously....and so many others.   it saddens me to think that there are people who do not have the support system that i have.   our common bond is our love for Christ and our relationship with Him.  He brought us together at different times in each of our lives, and He continues to bless our relationships.  

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